Thermography for Women

Breast Cancer and You: The Current Reality

1 in 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer
75% of all new cases have no family history
A mammogram detects problems once they are already there

Did you know you can measure your risk?

Metabolic and functional changes in the breast take place years before actual diseases occur. These changes create abnormal heat patterns up to five years before tumors develop. “Hotspots” caused by inflammation, increased blood circulation, and new blood vessel growth are warning signs that diseases are developing. Thermal Breast Imaging detects these “hotspots” and is the only way to measure thermal risk; often, years before diseases start to develop. Mammograms, ultrasounds and MRI’s do not detect temperature changes or measure thermal risk.

What is Thermal Breast Imaging?

It is a picture taken by an infrared camera that detects temperature differences and patterns in the breasts and adjacent lymph nodes. Certain breast problems produce identifiable abnormal heat patterns while benign cysts/lumps show no abnormal heat activity. This image allows developing abnormal conditions to be diagnosed at an early stage.

thermography1Once the imaging pictures have been taken, they are analysed by a medical professional who specializes in the interpretation of thermal breast images. The specialist sends a full report to our office and will consult with Dr. Petchauer when the case warrants it. The patient is given copies of the scans and the report.



Can I change my risk?

Knowing your thermal risk is the first step in protecting yourself and reducing that risk. If you have risk factors present, we will consult with you on ways to improve the health of your body and your breasts. The objective is to reduce and eliminate your risk factors and see the positive changes on follow-up imaging tests.

Thermal Breast Imaging is
100 % safe
100% private
100% pain free
100% radiation free
There is no physical contact to the patient by anyone or anything.

Thermal breast imaging is a procedure to detect heat patterns and individual risk factors. Simply stated, abnormal findings raise a level of suspicion for future breast disease. It is not meant to be replacement for any other medical tests. We will recommend additional tests and/or medical follow up if your condition warrants it.

Thermography services are provided by the Michigan Institute of Thermography. Their imaging specialists are all female and are certified thermal imaging technicians.

Thermal Breast Imaging is your early warning system – don’t wait until problems have already developed.